Licensed to lay a variety of Tarmac products, we provide expertise and technical input in the laying of tarmac, asphalt, coloured tarmac and resins, including porous and recycled aggregate products, to create a high value, high quality finish…

Tarways Asphalte are accredited to lay all specialist materials manufactured by ALL major suppliers Nationwide, including; Tarmac, Cemex, Aggregate Industries, Hanson, Breedon and FM Conway. Here our a selection of products we can provide via the link to our suppliers website. Should you wish for a quote, do not hesitate to contact us on 0151 486 3287 or fill out the form below.


HAPAS certificated clause 942 thin surface courses

As approved by BBA: - Tarmac Ultiphalt and Ultiphalt P - Cemex Viatex and Viapave - Aggregate Industries SMAtex and SMApave - Hanson Tuffpave and Tuffgrip - Breedon Fibre and Polymer - FM Conway Surephalt and Sureflex

Porous / Permeable Tarmac for vehicular use

Products use include: - Tarmac Ultidrive Porous, Cemex Viaflow, Aggregate Industries Drainasphalt, Hanson Tuffdrain, Breedon Porous, FM Conway Porous

Single Layer Paving Solutions

Products use include: - Tarmac Ultiphalt Single Layer, Tarmac Ultifastpath, Cemex Viacourse, Hanson Countyfelt, Breedon Onecoat, Breedon Onecoat Footway

High Performance Crack Resistant Asphalt

- Tarmac Ultimat - Cemex Viaflex - Aggregate Industries Superflex - Hanson Tufflex - Breedon Flex

Porous / Permeable Tarmac for Play Areas, Playgrounds and MUGAS

We have certification to lay: - Tarmac Ultiplay - Tarmac Ultisport - Cemex Viacourt - Aggregare Industries Supersport - Hanson Courtfalt - Breeon Playcourt - FM Conway Suresport

Fuel Resisting Asphalt

We have certification to lay: - Tarmac Ultishield - Cemex Viashield - FM Conway Fuel Resisting Asphalt

Coloured Tarmac

The products we use include: - Tarmac Ulitcolour - Bituchem Natratex and Colourtex - Aggregate Industries Supercolour


We have certification to lay: - Tarmac Ultilow - Aggregate Industries Superlow, Hanson era, Breedon Low Temperature Asphalt

Driveway Asphalt

We have certification to lay: - Tarmac Ultidrive, Cemex Viadrive, Aggregate Industries Superdrive, Hanson Tuffdrive, Breedon Driveway, FM Conway Suredrive


From tender to completion, we’re hugely experienced in a variety of work, from taking on small, intricate specialist jobs to large-scale areas. We’ll manage your timescales, budget and requirements to ensure minimum disruption to your business, and maximum customer satisfaction. For more information contact us on 0151 486 3287 or fill out the form below.